Unforgettable Small Group Tours

Nicole - Australian tour escort

Nicole Farrell started Authentic Global Travel in March 2018. Her passion for travel, in particular Asia, began at age 15 when she embarked on her first big adventure to Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong with her mum. She then went to study teaching at university where she specialised in Indonesian language. After graduating, Nicole lived and taught in Singapore for three years before moving to Hong Kong. During this time, she travelled extensively.

When Nicole moved back to Australia, she started Craft Queen, an online business importing from China. This combined her love of travel with passion for craft. Nicole sold this business in March and all paths have led her in this exciting new direction.

Nicole personally escorts every tour, taking the time to get to know you and your travel needs. Nicole works closely with our team of fabulous local guides to provide you an authentic tour.

We've handpicked hotels and experiences just for you. Our group sizes are small (usually fewer than 15 people) allowing us to provide a well organised and personal experience. 

Nicole is a generous, fun loving person who will ensure your tour is full of laughs and real experiences. She will help you experience and create life long memories.

Mohamed - Morocco

Mohamed has been working in the tourist industry for the past ten years. As an ocean lover, his favourite city is Essaouira. He is married with a baby daughter. In his spare time he enjoys watching his favourite football team, Barcelona!

Imran - India

Imran was my tuk tuk driver on my first trip to India and we've developed a great working relationship. He has worked in the tourism industry for the past eleven years. Imran is married with four children. He has a fabulous sense of humour and will ensure we are well looked after in India.

The Ultimate Pre-Departure Checklist™

Planning a holiday can be overwhelming and time-consuming! This checklist will show you exactly what you need to do pre-departure to get organised, save time, and leave for your holiday feeling excited, in control and ready for an amazing adventure.